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This course will help you to use OmegaT, the free and open-source CAT tool, in your daily work as a translator. It is intended for professional translators as well as translation students who have already some experience with CAT tools and translation technology in general. Basic computer literacy is also strongly recommended.

The course covers both basic and advanced features and includes direct contact with the authors, who will promptly clarify all your doubts.

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En este curso se explica cómo utilizar OmegaT, la herramienta TAO gratuita y de código abierto, en el trabajo cotidiano de un traductor. Va dirigido a traductores profesionales, así como a estudiantes de traducción que posean conocimientos acerca de herramientas TAO y de tecnologías de la traducción. También recomendamos encarecidamente conocimientos básicos de informática.

El curso cubre tanto las funciones básicas del programa como las avanzadas, y dispone de un canal de comunicación directa con los autores, que aclararán las dudas en el menor tiempo posible.

Learn to master OCR technology and know how it can help professional translators deal with PDF documents.


This course is intended for professionals who use a computer as their primary working tool. We put all our efforts into keeping it as simple as possible, avoiding too many technical terms and concepts, but of course, it helps if you are not completely unaware of information technology.

It is divided into two main parts: theory and practice. In the first you'll find the basics of computer security from the point of view of an end user. You'll learn the importance of being well aware of what the real threats are and how to get by safely. You'll also be capable of recognizing suspicious signs from your machine and keeping a responsible behavior.

In the second part you'll learn how to set up an effective defense against the most common attacks from the main channels. Finally you'll be provided a very convenient best habits chart that you can print out and hang in your office, with the reminders for the most important security tasks.


Knowing how to manage the localization of web sites. In particularly:
  • Understand which category each website belongs to
  • Being able to interact with webmasters
  • Choose the right strategy to approach a web L10n project
  • Quote a web L10n project


  • Learning what a project manager must do
  • Learning the how-to's and the recommended tools


Learn the steps required to create a professional translator's website, identify the appropriate pages and sections to include in it and learn how to create a website using a free online tool.